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Everything you need to know about round and teardrop breast implants

Erika Igonina
Medical Editor
Oncohematologist. Experience of work as a doctor for 15 years.
Editorial policy Beauty by Experts Medical
Everything you need to know about round and teardrop breast implants


Mammoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. Every year millions of women turn to surgeons to increase the size or improve the shape of their mammary glands. How the breast will look after surgery depends largely on the right choice of implants. Today, the most popular breast implants are round and teardrop-shaped breast implants. If you don’t know which shape is right for you, the Beauty by Experts Medical team can help you figure it out.





What are tear drop breast implant?

Teardrop-shaped breast implantsAs the name implies, a tear drop breast implant is shaped like a drop. It has less fullness at the top and more at the bottom. This type of implant is designed according to the anatomical shape of a woman’s breasts. Therefore, after surgery, the mammary glands look as natural as possible.

Tear drop breast implant can be filled with saline or silicone. The first type is currently practically not used. Thus, doctors of leading Turkish plastic surgery clinics, offer their patients exclusively silicone round or tear drop boobies implants. They are more resistant to damage, long-lasting and allow you to achieve an excellent aesthetic result. To prevent the tear drop breast implant from shifting after insertion, it is better to choose a textured surface.

Teardrop breasts are better suited for women who want to achieve a more natural appearance. It is important to note that implants in this shape require a highly precise surgical technique for proper placement. If positioned incorrectly, teardrop breasts can look asymmetrical. Therefore, the surgery should be performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Beauty by Experts Medical collaborates with leading experts in the field of aesthetic medicine. Leave a request on the website and we will organize your consultation with the best plastic surgeons in Turkey – Ercan Karacaoglu, Safak Aktar, Yakup Cil, Gurhan Ozkan.


What are round breast implants?

round breast implantsImplants of this type have a round base – a flat side that fits against the rib cage. The opposite side is uniformly convex. Round breast implants provide better filling of the upper part of the breast. They can be used to achieve a beautiful cleavage appearance. After surgery, the mammary glands look rounded, evenly filled. This shape is less natural, but a significant percentage of men find it very attractive.

Round breast implants are more often chosen by female patients who want the result of the plastic surgeon’s work to be noticeable. Fashion for them was introduced by models and show business stars, for whom the ideal shape of the breast is important.

Most often implants of this type consist of a strong shell and filled with silicone gel. Due to the round shape, they do not shift after installation. Therefore, you can choose implants with a smooth texture. Unlike textured implants, they are not associated with a small but still increased risk of developing large cell anaplastic lymphoma. One of the advantages of round breast implants is their price. They cost somewhat less than tear drop boobies.


Round and teardrop breast implants: before and after

Teardrop breast implants before and afterAfter the placement of tear drop breast implant, the patient can expect a softly filled upper pole of the mammary glands and a fuller lower one. This avoids the unnatural appearance of the breasts after surgery.

Round implants provide uniform fullness across the entire plane of the mammary glands. Such a breast looks less natural, but gives the opportunity to get a push-up effect without wearing a special bra. Photos of successful installation of round and tear drop breast implants before and after can be found on the websites of leading Turkish clinics – Estetik International, Esteworld, Estethica, Turkeyana.

It is important to understand that the final shape of the breast after mammoplasty depends not only on the size and shape of the implants, but also on the individual anatomical characteristics of the patient: the initial shape of the breast, chest width, body proportions. To better predict the result, it is worth consulting with an experienced plastic surgeon. Many Turkish clinics at the planning stage of the operation use special computer programs. This option allows you to see how the breast looks before and after the installation of round and drop-shaped implants and make the right decision.


What is the difference between round and teardrop implants?

If you are in doubt about whether to choose round or tear drop breast implants, it is worth learning more about the differences between them.

Teardrop boob job are firmer, as anatomical implants are made of thicker and stronger silicone gel. It is also called highly cohesive or form-stable. This gel texture allows the gel to retain its shape during teardrop breast enlargement. Some brands also make round implants from dense silicone gel.Teardrop or round breast implants

Shape of breast implants

From the name, it is clear that the main difference between round and tear drop breast implants is their shape. We have already talked about this above, but we did not mention that drop-shaped implants do not change shape during movement, whereas round implants move and naturally adjust to the body. For example, in the supine position, round implants “spread out” over the rib cage as they do with natural breasts. Drop-shaped ones retain their shape in any position.

Recovery after mammoplasty

With teardrop breast enlargement, the doctor makes a slightly larger incision than with round implants. Anatomical implants are more dense, so they are more difficult to place through a small opening. Because of this, the rehabilitation period will last a little longer.

Scarring after breast augmentation

Regardless of whether a patient chooses round or tear drop breast implants, scarring remains after mammoplasty. However, the shape of the implant can affect their location and severity. Round implants are more often placed through an incision in the inframammary fold. Anatomically shaped implants are implanted mainly through an incision in the areola or axilla. The severity of scarring depends not on the shape of the implant, but on factors such as skin type, individual rate of wound healing and the skill of the surgeon.

Cost of mammoplasty implants

An important difference between round and drop-shaped implants is their cost. Teardrop breast enlargement tends to be more expensive because this type of implants have a more complex shape and require the surgeon to have some skill in placing them. In addition, they have a textured surface, which increases their price.

Risk of undesirable consequences after surgery

Both round and drop-shaped implants are associated with a certain risk of complications. And their nature depends to some extent on the shape chosen. Round implants can cause rippling (visible bulges and wrinkles) on the skin. In turn, teardrop breast enlargement is associated with a higher risk of implant rotation, which can lead to asymmetrical shape of the mammary glands.


Drop-shaped and round breast implants: which ones are best for whom?

Round or Teardrop-shaped implantsRound breast implants help to emphasize the existing shape of the mammary glands. They are a great choice for women who want to enlarge their breasts and add volume to the upper part of their breasts. The best candidates for round breast implant mammoplasty are patients who:

  • There is minimal ptosis (sagging) of the breast tissue;
  • the nipples are on the center line;
  • the mammary glands are not too far apart;
  • good own breast shape.

Round implants, like drop-shaped implants, can be used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy (breast removal).

Teardrop boob job allow you to achieve a more natural appearance. It is better suited for women with:

  • a petite build;
  • minimal amount of native breast tissue;
  • low nipple placement;
  • wide-set mammary glands;
  • a small distance from the areola to the breast fold.

Drop-shaped breast implants are also used to correct tubular (tuberous) breasts – mammary glands that are not formed into regular hemispheres, and have an elongated shape.


Drop-shaped and round implants: which shape provides a more natural look?

teardrop breastBoth tear drop and round breast implants are designed to mimic natural breast tissue. However, the drop-shaped shape better follows the slope and contour of the natural breast – thin at the top and fuller at the bottom. It matches the anatomical structure of the mammary glands as closely as possible. Therefore, tear drop tities look more natural.

On the other hand round breast implants allow you to make the bust more voluminous. They do not allow you to achieve an anatomical slope of the breast, but they can still look quite natural. When choosing round implants, the type of profile or projection is of great importance. This parameter means how much the bust will protrude from the rib cage after surgery. Round breast implants with a high profile look less natural, but allow you to get the effect of lush breasts. Medium and low profile implants are used for a more natural result.

Thus, the choice between teardrop vs round implants depends on individual preferences. If the patient wants to get a smoother slope of the mammary glands – it is better to choose teardrop breast enlargement. For those women who want to achieve evenly distributed fullness, round implants are suitable. With the right size and profile, both types of implants can achieve a fairly natural appearance.


Round or teardrop implants: which one lasts longer?

The longevity of implants depends on a number of factors, and the shape is not a determining characteristic. When choosing implants, you should first of all consider the following parameters:

  • Material. Saline implants last from 8 to 10 years. They are practically not used because of the increased risk of leakage. Therefore, leading plastic surgeons recommend installing implants filled with silicone. Fifth generation implants are made of highly cohesive silicone gel. They can last 20 years or more without any problems.
  • Manufacturer. Whether the patient desires teardrop vs round implants, the quality of the implant used is very important. Implants from reliable and certified medical companies that adhere to quality and safety standards last longer. Leading Turkish aesthetic medicine clinics use implants from brands such as Mentor, Polytech, and Motiva.

The duration of use of implants also depends on individual factors, such as the age and lifestyle of the patient. However, in general, round and tear drop breast implants will last the same length of time if they are made of quality materials and meet all the necessary standards.


Can I breastfeed after round or tear drop breast implants?

Breastfeeding after mammoplastyThe shape of the implant does not affect the ability to breastfeed after mammoplasty. Regardless of whether a woman chooses teardrop vs round implants, she will be able to breastfeed her baby after surgery. However, there are some other aspects that can affect this possibility.

During the procedure, the surgeon may damage the milk ducts or nerves responsible for lactation. In addition, decreased sensitivity in the nipple area sometimes make it difficult for the baby to breastfeed. While these factors can be some obstacles to breastfeeding, they do not necessarily make it impossible.

To minimize the risk of damage to the milk ducts and nerves during surgery, it is important to discuss your intention to breastfeed with your surgeon. He or she may choose a technique that preserves the structure of the breast. For example, making an incision from the side or bottom without affecting the nipple area, and choosing an axillary (under the pectoral muscle) option for implant placement rather than a subglandular one. Thus, if a round or drop-shaped breast implant is placed correctly, a woman will be able to breastfeed her baby in the future without any problems.


Is it true that a drop-shaped breast implant can turn over?

All implants are susceptible to rotation. However, due to its shape, a drop-shaped breast implant can result in an unnatural appearance of the breast if it turns over. The likelihood of this happening is quite low. The surface of anatomical implants is usually textured, which provides a tight bond to the surrounding tissue.

If a tear drop breast implant does flip over, surgery may be required to correct its position. This is one of the reasons why drop breast augmentation should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Leave a contact online, and a Beauty by Experts Medical coordinating physician will help you choose a good specialist who can perform the surgery with minimal risk of potential implant displacement.


Pluses and minuses of anatomical and round implants

The advantages of drop-shaped breasts include:

  • replicating the contours and fullness of natural breasts;
  • ideal solution for restoring insufficient breast volume caused by dramatic weight loss or breastfeeding;
  • an opportunity to achieve excellent aesthetics for petite women who have little breast tissue of their own.

Minuses of the anatomical shape:

  • higher cost;
  • greater risk of rotation;
  • less lush cleavage area.

tear drop tities are good for women who want to feel more natural or need an additional breast lift.

The main pros of round implants include:

  • fuller volume in the upper pole of the breast;
  • a pronounced cleavage area;
  • in case of implant rotation, the breast retains its natural appearance.

Disadvantages of the round shape:

  • less natural appearance;
  • not suitable for women who have too little breast tissue of their own;
  • patients with thin skin have an increased risk of rippling.

These implants should be considered by women who want to get a lush bust with a spectacular neckline.


Let’s summarize. What implants are better to choose?

teardrop-shape breastBoth round and teardrop boob job have their own unique advantages. But the right choice can be made only taking into account certain parameters, such as the anatomical features of the chest and the initial state of the mammary glands.

Only an expert in the field of plastic surgery can properly assess these characteristics. To find a competent specialist, as well as to choose a good clinic for breast augmentation will help doctor-coordinator Beauty by Experts Medical. Our company has been cooperating with leading plastic surgeons for more than 8 years. Turning to us, you can be sure that the operation will be carried out by a really experienced and competent doctor. We also guarantee that upon arrival at the clinic you will not encounter such unpleasant surprises as a change in price or change of doctor.

In addition, we will take care of all organizational issues. Our specialists will support you at all stages of your transformation, starting from the trip to the clinic and ending with your return home. Breast augmentation in Turkey with Beauty by Experts Medical is fast, comfortable and effective.




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