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Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Just one procedure can change your appearance beyond recognition, making you much more attractive and self-confident. It’s no wonder that rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries.

To ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the result, an online consultation with a plastic surgeon will be organized before the procedure. You can discuss the method of nose correction and tell your wishes.

Even open rhinoplasty is now most often performed minimally invasively, through small incisions in areas where scars will not be noticeable. Low-traumatic techniques allow to recover as quickly as possible after rhinoplasty. These services are available in the best Turkish clinics that are aimed at foreign patients.

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Leading doctors in rhinoplasty

Engin Ocal
Plastic surgeon
Engin Ocal
Work experience -
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Celal Alioglu
Plastic surgeon
Celal Alioglu
Work experience -
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Serkan Barıskan
plastic surgeon, ENT
Serkan Barıskan
Work experience -
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Abdulkadir Goksel
Plastic surgeon
Abdulkadir Goksel
Work experience -
Contact the doctor
Bulent Cihantimur
Plastic surgeon
Bulent Cihantimur
Work experience -
Contact the doctor
Ergin Er
Plastic surgeon
Ergin Er
Work experience -
Contact the doctor
Yakup Сil
Plastic surgeon
Yakup Сil
Work experience -
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Yavuz Selim Yildirim
Plastic surgeon
Yavuz Selim Yildirim
Work experience -
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Dr. Engin Ocal talks about rhinoplasty

Dr. Engin Ocal talks about rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty in Turkey

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I sincerely want to thank the organizer of my recent trip to Turkey – Nika, thanks to whom my dream came true – rhinoplasty!)))) Thanks to the professionalism of Nika and her team, the trip was planned from A to Z and was as comfortable as possible for me and my family. Nika helped us to choose the best flight for us and even negotiated a discount with the hotel, as we spent two nights in the clinic despite the reservation – this is very nice and we are really touched! I am so glad that I went to Dr. Akin, who took into account all my wishes and was very kind and attentive. I am also sincerely grateful to every employee of Medical Park Clinic, because I was surrounded by the most friendly and caring people! Special thanks to the interpreters Azat and Sabina – you are the best!



I had rhinoplasty at the clinic, I was very satisfied… Thank you very much to Martha – the doctor coordinator!!!! This is a very friendly, responsible, responsive person)))))) I will recommend only this clinic to everyone. Special thanks to the doctor Ergin Er. A man with golden hands!!!



Good afternoon! My name is Oksana, I’ve been dreaming of having rhinoplasty for many years, but I was hesitant because I didn’t know which doctor I could trust, but recently I came across an advertisement on the Internet. And so two weeks ago I did what I had been dreaming of for half my life. I want to thank Dr. Celal Alioglu at Medicana clinic, everything went at the highest level with no pain and fast rehabilitation. Now it’s two weeks after the surgery and I feel great. I would like to note the good attitude of the medical staff and the entire team that accompanied me, I would also like to thank my coordinator Marta who was with me 27/7 and supported me.



I had a wonderful rhinoplasty with Dr. Göksel and his wonderful team. Even though it has only been 15 days, I have a beautiful nose, very natural and beautiful. Everything is so good that I can not believe in such a healing process in such a short time. Thanks for every minute of support. And my dear Dr. Göksel, I can never repay you. Thank you so much for giving me new breath and a great nose. With love.

Dr Medved Vadym did an excellent job in „onboarding me“, introducing Experts Medical and their doctors and in the process towards a possible septorhinoplasty in Istanbul. He was always very fast, kind and supportive whenever I had questions via whatsapp and in short time managed to gain my trust in him, Experts Medical and in the doctor that was to make the surgery. This trust was of crucial importance to me in order to take an important decision such as a nose surgery in a foreign country. Therefore I can highly recommend Experts Medical and Dr Vadym as a medical coordinator.

Hello, I would like to express my gratitude to Maria Chabdaeva doctor coordinator Experts Medical appealed about rhinoplasty a little bit of treatment and more exactly to Masha I will address good, kind responsive, respectful, respectful, a good person, advised, found the best specialists, even though I was afraid at the beginning, but at the consultation talked, all fears fell away, from home consults, supports, almost a hand me led, when you do not call, always in touch, at any time of day, helped with all the organizational aspects, in another city.
Thank you Masha so much so that guys, if you decide to go forward with your head held high with pride, please contact Masha a thousand percent will help prompt in everything from a to z the best doctors will advise from the bottom of my heart I say to you, Masha, very grateful to you such a person like you low low low bow.


I did rhino and liposuction with him, in February I will go to do breasts, the doctor is just super❤️

Mr. Göksel has already performed my third operation and has done a great job both in terms of health and appearance. The whole team was on top, they kept us informed about everything and answered any questions. This is professionalism, not an accident. I am a nurse myself and vouch for Dr. Göksel and his team as true professionals. ?

Everything was wonderful. The staff and surgeon are all exceptional, very professional and looked after me so well. I would recommend contacting this clinic with Dr. Gurhan Ozcan.

All your staff and Dr. Güller Gamze Eren Ozkan are very caring and kind people. Did it with my sister Reno, everything went well. We are very satisfied. Many thanks.

Thanks a lot to our doctor. He has golden hands. For 40 years I suffered from breathing problems. And thanks to him, we solved this problem. The doctor approaches each patient individually. I wish you prosperity in your work. Everything was super.

I have been undergoing face  cosmetic procedures for 6 years now, Dr. Lutfi does injections for my face. I also did rhinoplasty with him. I am very pleased. He achieved the desired result in rhinoplasty, the nose is the way I wanted. And Dr. Lutfi is very pleasant to talk to.

I want to thank Beauty by Experts Medical , especially Tatiana Karina and Maria for the professional approach , consultation and just human attitude ) I decided to have rhinoplasty )
I was consulted and asked all professionally important and necessary questions)
The girls helped me decide on the choice of a doctor, during the week they sent different options, and I finally found what I was looking for) The questionnaires of doctors are very competently compiled. All information, work experience, merits, the doctor’s work itself, his website, what the doctor offers, the amount of the operation, the website of the clinic in which the operation is performed.

We also booked tickets at a good price and made insurance)
Upon arrival, we were met by a pre-booked transfer.

Then I was given the choice of the hotel in which I was supposed to stay after the operation (the hotels are located next to the clinic) I walked the streets of Istanbul with pleasure after examinations at the clinic! The conditions were also good, except for very loud neighbors, but again thanks to the girls for the concern and communication 24/7, she asked the hotel to change our room! We changed the room on the same day and we slept peacefully))

They also sent me the website of the clinic where I stayed a day after the operation.
The conditions in the clinic are simply gorgeous! The staff is very attentive, every half hour someone came and asked if we needed something, food, water, anything …. nice) there was a nurse call button just in case. Called several times came in less than a minute.
The food is delicious (as for a hospital), you can go to the lobby, there is Starbucks, and other shops and pharmacies if you need something)
I did all the tests in the clinic in general in less than 2 hours, all this time I was accompanied by translators.
The operation went well and I recovered quickly. If possible, take someone close with you for support and help) In my case, my husband flew with me) He also stayed with me in the clinic for a day after the operation) it helped me a lot both morally and physically) even as I said the honey staff is very attentive and is always there if anything, but there is nothing better when a close person is nearby)

After the clinic, we were sent to the hotel to recover, before discharge they brought all the necessary medicines)
The girls from Experts Medical texted 5 times every day!! All the time I felt care and concern! They asked how you feel, are there any problems or questions, is everything in order at the hotel, explained how to call a taxi if necessary, any question was answered immediately and in detail)
On the 3rd day, I began to worry and wind myself up, the girls calmed down, contacted the doctor, asked me to send a photo of the problem that worried me, sent it to the doctor, everything turned out to be fine and I just wound myself up a lot (which is normal for everyone after such an operation), the girls reacted with understanding and they even asked the doctor to do an additional examination for me to calm me down (it wasn’t necessary because the girls supported me and assured me that everything was fine, I calmed down)

3 days we fully walked around Istanbul and enjoyed the beauty and history)

On the day of the control examination, they were also in touch, and on any issue they were always in touch before and after)
The doctor examined my nose, took off the splint, stuck plasters, consulted and we said goodbye)

The next morning we had a plane, the girls checked us in for the flight, which significantly saved us time)
Transfer on arrival and on the day of departure was served on time.
In the morning, they clarified whether everything was in order, whether they met us and how they got there, wished us a good flight)

Even after I arrived home, the girls also stay in touch and are ready to answer any question and contact the doctor if necessary.

I would like to thank you again for your professionalism and support! It was a pleasure to cooperate with you! I didn’t make a mistake in you, but on the contrary, I was very lucky with you)
Never let me down)

Highly recommend Beauty by Experts Medical!!!

Dr. Bariskan did rhinoplasty and septoplasty for me, he is just a miracle worker! He was very attentive to all my questions. If you check his Instagram, you can see that every nose is different and each one needs a different approach to balance the face perfectly. I strongly recommend this doctor.

Dr. Serkan performed a second operation on my nose. He is a good and professional doctor. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Thanks to.

A very good doctor. Dr. Fatma did my rhinoplasty surgery, I am very satisfied. I recommend.

I have been choosing a doctor for revision rhinoplasty for a long time. I liked Safak Aktar’s works so much that I decided to go to Esteworld and I don’t regret it at all. My only regret is that I didn’t come here sooner! The clinic is clean, modern, the staff is very friendly, the nurses are smart. Thanks doctor! The result exceeded all expectations.

Dr. Safak gave me a beautiful nose. I am so grateful!

The Esteworld clinic itself is excellent, providing amazing services. The Dutch translators are so nice. The nurses are amazing. The hospital is very beautiful and looks more like a hotel than a hospital. 10/10 I am very satisfied with esteworld and Dr Safak Aktar.

All was good! Thank you very much for your help, support and excellent result. Thank you Dr. Safak for my new nose! I’m very pleased with how everything went.

My case was not the easiest, because a year ago I did a septoplasty with another doctor, and nothing good came of it. But Dr. Safak was not afraid of the previous intervention and already at the consultation clearly described the work plan and his vision for my new nose to me. And he showed an approximate model of the nose after the operation.

Thanks to the doctor and all the staff, after 5 days I saw my new beautiful nose without plaster. The nose turned out exactly the way I wanted to see it after the operation, even though there is a large swelling. I am grateful to the Esteworld clinic for hospitality and professionalism, and of course, for my new beautiful nose.

The stay at Istanbul Aesthetic Hospital was great. The rooms are clean and the food is delicious! Dr. Gurhan Ozcan and the staff were first class! I am very happy with the fantastic job Dr. Gurhan did on my nose and I highly recommend him! It reassures and inspires confidence. He is a very kind person and his work is impeccable. Thanks!

Dr. Celal operated on me 9 days ago and I am very happy. While there are small swellings that will disappear in a few days.
Dr. Celal really has golden hands and I will never stop thanking him. We had a thorough conversation before the operation, after which the doctor performed rhinoplasty.
Excellent surgeon, highly recommend!
Thank you again. Dr. Celal has changed my life.

Thanks to his professionalism, Mr. Serkan performed an operation on my nose, and made my nose more proportional. The doctor will give you clear answers to every question. I was very afraid of the operation, but he assured me that everything would be fine. Now I have a natural and beautiful nose, thank you very much.

My name is Dana and my surgeon was Fatma Soysuren. I, an 18 year old girl with zero surgical experience, felt very comfortable with my surgeon. She made sure I understood every step of the process and made sure I was comfortable. 5/5. I’m very happy to see the final result! Thanks to.

I came from Canada to have a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Fatma and so far I am delighted with my results. The whole process went without problems. From consultation to transfer to the hotel and subsequent checks. During my consultation, Dr. Fatma was very attentive to all my fears and expectations, and fully justified them. Dr. Fatma and her team go above and beyond for their patients. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about rhinoplasty!

Engin Okal is an excellent doctor. I had a rhinoplasty with him in 2016. Very happy with the result

I am really happy to see such a result, I finally have the nose of my dreams! Dr. Ercan corrected the deviated septum and the overall shape of my nose. 2nd shot 2 weeks post op and you can see the bruising is not that much, it actually completely disappeared on 2nd week post op, only a few yellow spots left on my face. I highly recommend Dr. Ercan, he is very experienced, has extensive experience in Turkey and abroad and is very attentive to the end results of the patient. He answered all my questions and concerns not only before the operation, but also after the operation. I came from Canada to Turkey for this rhinoplasty and I will choose Dr. Ercan again without hesitation! In addition, he speaks excellent English, and I was completely sure that he knew what kind of nose shape I would like!

I’m an Italian girl, I went to Istanbul for a rhinoplastic, Experts Medical help me to book transfert, fly, hotel, interpreter and surgery. They talk to doctor for all my needs.
They are really kind. I can’t do it without Experts Medical .

Ayse Ozturk – excellent doctor, she did a great job. With great professionalism she is close to the patient and consulted me well, but she didn’t give me a rhinoplasty report and I don’t know what she did in my nose. Also she doesn’t speak English which is unfortunate but there was a charming translator Ahmed….. Bravo, Dr. Ice, and thank you.

I love my new nose. Before my surgery my nose was completely out of proportion with the rest of my face. Ayse Ozturk both reduced the size and rounded out the tip and it looks so natural! Do your research and find a great doctor and you will be happy you went through with it!

I had a rhinoplasty with Dr Ayse Ozturk at the start of Agust and everything from the first consultation till post operative care exceeded my expectations. Dr Ayse Ozturk took time to explain everything to me, she patiently listened to my wishes and made sure all my questions were answered before procedure. After seeing many plastic surgeons, I decided to go ahead with Dr Ayse Ozturk, because she is professional, confident and pays attention to details. In my opinion she is a great plastic surgeon, and I would highly recommend her.

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    Free post-operational support

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    Benefits of Rhinoplasty in Turkey


    The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey is on average 2 times lower than in the CIS countries for doctors with a similar level of qualification with a significantly higher quality of Turkish service.

    Modern equipment

    In Turkey, clinics change equipment to brand new equipment every 5 years on average. Therefore, Turkey is one of the countries with the highest level of medical equipment in the world.

    Qualified doctors

    Since Turkey is the capital of plastic surgery in the world, patients from all over the world come there.

    Thanks to this, plastic surgeons have gained tremendous experience and a strong reputation around the world.

    Rest and tranquility

    Turkey is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, patients have the opportunity to combine pleasant impressions from exploring a new country and wonderful transformations.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey

    About rhinoplasty in Turkey

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey: high quality at an affordable price

    rhinoplasty before and afterRhinoplasty in Turkey is the best choice for anyone who wants to improve the shape of the nose or get rid of breathing problems. This is a sought-after plastic surgery procedure that foreign patients prefer to do in Turkey.

    Turkey is considered the most attractive country for patients from many countries in Europe and Asia in the field of plastic surgery for many reasons. Plastic surgery centers are equipped with modern medical equipment, thanks to which the doctor will perform the procedure in a gentle way. This will allow the patient to recover quickly and not experience discomfort. At the same time, the cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey is 35-45% lower than in Europe.

    A beautiful, hospitable country will be remembered by anyone who decides to combine the improvement of the appearance of leading Turkish surgeons, acquaintance with the country, and relaxation in the best hotels.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey: Benefits

    Patients are always interested in why rhinoplasty in Turkey is the most popular destination among foreigners. The main advantage is the impeccable quality of services and the low price of rhinoplasty in Turkey. Clinics of plastic surgery are distinguished by:

    1. Highly qualified doctors. It is important that the operation is performed by a specialist who has extensive experience. Most of the doctors that Beauty by Experts Medical cooperates with have an international ISAPS certificate, regularly train in leading European centers and have at least 15 years of work experience.
    2. Before the operation, the patient will be offered to undergo a 3D modeling procedure, which will allow to choose the shape and size of the future nose. If necessary, a person can make adjustments together with the doctor. This minimizes patient dissatisfaction with the final result.
    3. Surgeons pay attention not only to the aesthetic but also to the functional side of rhinoplasty. An ENT doctor is involved in planning the operation, who, if necessary, conducts his part of the procedure. During the intervention, rhinoseptoplasty, correction of the nasal septum, and improvement of the shape of the nose, can be performed. Thanks to this, the patient will be able not only to admire the beautiful shape of the nose but also to normalize breathing.
    4. Turkish surgeons perform reconstructive surgeries. They eliminate birth defects and the consequences of injuries. Patients turn to them for secondary rhinoplasty after unsuccessfully performed operations in their home country.

    Among the patients, a definition of “Turkish nose” appeared. This implies a high-level procedure and a perfect end result. According to the summary data of Turkish clinics, over 98% of patients are satisfied with the result, and Turkish surgeons are recommended.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey: how it is performed?

    rhinoplasty in turkeyTurkish doctors successfully perform open or closed nose correction. The choice of technique depends on the structure of the face, the goals of rhinoplasty, and general health. The final decision is made by the doctor after examination and consultation.

    1. Closed rhinoplasty. This is the most popular procedure, in which the doctor operates endonasally – through a small incision on the inside of the nose. The patient has no visible scars, recovery is faster. The only drawback: not all defects can be corrected with closed rhinoplasty.
    2. Open rhinoplasty. During the operation, the doctor eliminates serious deformities through an incision on the outside of the nose. After healing, a small scar may remain, which can be easily removed with laser resurfacing.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey takes place under general anesthesia for 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of work of the surgeon.


    Septoplasty in Turkey

    rhinoplasty in turkeySeptoplasty is a surgical intervention to restore the functionality of the nose. It is necessary for a deviated nasal septum, which is a common cause of:

    • nasal congestion;
    • chronic runny nose;
    • hearing problems;
    • snoring;
    • apnea (stopping breathing during sleep).

    Preoperative diagnosis, in addition to examination and laboratory tests, includes CT and endoscopic examination. This allows the doctor to:

    • to study the degree of change of the septum;
    • to assess the condition of the mucosal tissue;
    • to check for bone growth and polyps.

    The patient will undergo rhinoseptoplasty in order to comprehensively solve the breathing problem and improve the aesthetics of the face. The operation is performed by experienced ENT surgeons. Sparing methods are available here: endoscopic, laser, ultrasonic, and radio wave. Some less traumatic types of septoplasty are performed under local anesthesia.

    Beauty by Experts Medical cooperates with ENT plastic surgeons: Drs. Serkan Bariskan and Abdulkadir Goksel. They are leading specialists in reconstructive surgery in the facial area. They performed many successful procedures.

    Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in Turkey

    Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a mini nose job that is performed using an ultrasonic aspirator. Advanced technology allows the doctor to eliminate the hump through a minimal incision on the inside of the nose. It allows to model bones and cartilage without damaging soft tissues. The advantage of the technique is the absence of blood, significant edema and complications, and rapid postoperative recovery. The success rate is over 99%.

    Recovery after rhinoplasty in Turkey

    nose correction surgeryAfter the operation, a fixing splint is placed on the patient’s nose, turundas (small gauze swabs) are introduced into the nasal passages. In the process of correcting the hump or nasal septum for fixation, the doctor imposes splints. They do not allow the partition to move and prevent its re-deformation.

    The rhinoplasty procedure does not require long-term hospitalization. The patient stays in the hospital for a day under the supervision of the medical staff, after which he returns to the hotel. During the week, you will need to come to the doctor every day for an examination and take painkillers, antithrombotic, and antibacterial drugs. The surgeon gives recommendations for recovery. After the patient returns home, he can additionally conduct an online consultation.

    Within 2 months, swelling and bruising gradually disappear, and the final result can be seen after six months.

    Non-surgical rhinoplasty in Turkey

    With minor defects, patients can be offered non-surgical correction of the shape of the nose. Thus, you can tighten the tip, reduce the wings of the nose, and eliminate the hump. The price for this type of rhinoplasty in Istanbul is cheaper than for a regular procedure.

    Turkish doctors own innovative methods, including:

    • laser correction;
    • contour plastic using hyaluronic acid, Botox, fillers;
    • plastic threads.

    The result of non-surgical nose correction lasts up to 2 years. After that, the patient can undergo a second procedure or perform a conventional rhinoplasty.

    Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

    rhinoplasty operationRhinoplasty in Istanbul is a popular request among patients.

    This city has a large number of plastic surgery centers, which employ famous doctors. Clinics are regularly inspected by the Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI. This confirms the safety and guarantees that rhinoplasty in Istanbul will be carried out at the highest level.

    Istanbul’s leading centers offer All Inclusive packages. This allows patients to undergo rhinoplasty in Turkey at an affordable cost. The price includes all services except airfare, so the price of rhinoplasty in Istanbul is considered affordable.


    Rhinoplasty in Turkey: price

    The cost of rhinoplasty depends on the scope of intervention and the chosen technique. The price of rhinoplasty in Turkey is 40-50% lower than in clinics in Israel and Germany. On average it costs $2500. This amount includes:

    • diagnostics;
    • operation;
    • hospitalization – 1 day;
    • hotel accommodation, transfer, and translation services.

    The exact cost of nose surgery in Turkey will be calculated by Beauty by coordinators of Experts Medical after examining the images by the doctor and determining the method of intervention.

    Rhinoplasty in Turkey: reviews

    rhinoplasty in istanbulOn the pages of Beauty by Experts Medical, questionnaires, portfolios, and interviews of leading Turkish plastic surgeons with patient reviews about rhinoplasty in Turkey are collected. Here you can see photos BEFORE and AFTER and evaluate the work of the surgeon.

    Many patients prefer to stay in Turkey after rhinoplasty for 2-3 weeks, waiting for the disappearance of the main edema and bruising. This time can be effectively spent on cosmetic programs to improve appearance, shopping, and walking around the city. According to Beauty by Experts Medical patients, rhinoplasty in Istanbul is the best option for everyone who wants to get a high result while avoiding unnecessary costs.


    Rhinoplasty in Turkey: the best surgeons

    rhinoplasty clinics in turkeyBeauty by Experts Medical cooperates with leading specialists whose rhinoplasty in Istanbul will be 100% successful.

    At a high level, operations are performed by:

    1. Engin Okal, a specialist with over 15 years of experience. At the Duzce Congress in 2014 he was named “Doctor of the Year”. He has scientific publications and a European diploma in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
    2. Gurhan Ozkan is a professor and an experienced surgeon with over 38 years of experience. Vice President and President of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery (2004-2010).
    3. Shafak Aktar is a renowned surgeon who specializes in nasal endoscopy and functional nose surgery.
    4. Fatma Soysuren is a leading ENT surgeon in Izmir and an active member of the professional communities in head and neck plastic surgery.
    5. Celal Alioglu specializes in rhinoplasty using minimally invasive techniques,

    In their reviews of rhinoplasty in Turkey, patients of Beauty by Experts Medical note the professionalism of these doctors, careful planning of the procedure, taking into account all the wishes, and attentive attitude.


    Rhinoplasty in Turkey: how to go

    The coordinators of the international company Beauty by Experts Medical will quickly help organize your trip. The company has extensive experience in organizing trips for plastic surgeries abroad. An important advantage of the company is cooperation with accredited clinics that have a high reputation among patients and the medical community. In addition, the director personally met with plastic surgeons and studied their portfolio, so patients undergo operations with the best specialists.

    With Beauty by Experts Medical, the patient receives:

    • assistance in choosing a leading expert in rhinoplasty;
    • 3D modeling of the final result with the help of doctors of Beauty by Experts Medical so that the patient can evaluate the model of the future nose;
    • preliminary online consultation with a doctor;
    • the best options for package offers in Istanbul or another city in Turkey;
    • preparation of medical documents and accommodation options in Turkey;
    • booking of tickets and organization of transfer.

    The coordinator of Beauty by Experts Medical is in touch with the patient at all stages of his stay for rhinoplasty in Turkey, which guarantees complete safety and support.


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