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Cost of organizing plastic surgery abroad

Стоимость организации лечения за рубежом

Our services are free for patients and do not increase the cost of medical services. All payments for medical services go to the clinic after the patient’s arrival.

Before the arrival of the patient, it may be necessary to pay only for the translation of medical documents. Translation of documents is done by a certified doctor. In most cases, if a large volume of documents is not required, the coordinating doctors prepare the translation and medical file free of charge.

Only some Turkish doctors take a prepayment to their current account for booking an appointment. Currently, only Dr. Celal belongs to such doctors.

The exception is Germany. The payment of the interpreter, transfer from the hotel, escort is made separately from medical services after arrival in Germany. All medical services are also paid at the clinic.



Quality assurance of medical procedures in Turkey


Гарантия качества медицинских процедур в Турции

Beauty by Experts Medical takes a very responsible approach to the qualifications and selection of doctors. Since 2016, we have selected the most competent doctors in our industry. In any situation that arises, we find the most favorable solution for the patient so that he remains as satisfied as possible with the quality of organization of plastic surgery and the medical care received.

If a patient requires surgical correction, the need for which occurred as a result of a doctor’s error, and this fact was confirmed by a medical commission, the patient does not pay the cost of such a surgical operation.

International patients receive free care from Beauty by Experts Medical. It includes complete organization of a trip for plastic surgery abroad. Payment for medical services is made in a foreign hospital upon arrival.

In rare cases, a prepayment is required to book an appointment with a Turkish doctor. At the moment, such doctors include only Dr. Celal. Clinics in Turkey often offer package services that include non-medical services such as transfer and interpreter.


Guarantees of the quality of medical services in foreign clinics


организация пластических операций за рубежом

Beauty by Experts Medical specialists take a responsible approach to choosing foreign doctors and medical centers. Since the company’s operation in 2016, we have elected the most competent doctors in their industry. Priority is given to clinics that have international quality certificates, insignia and national awards.

In case of any situations that arise, we find the most favorable solution for the patient. For example, if a person requires surgical correction, the need for which arose as a result of a doctor’s error, the patient does not pay the cost of such an operation.

It is important for us that every person is completely satisfied with the quality of the plastic surgery organization and the medical care received. Beauty by Experts Medical certified medical coordinators provide an individual approach to all patients. At the initial consultation stage, our specialists provide their expert opinion free of charge. Discussing the problems and needs of patients, coordinators convey information to the foreign doctor as accurately as possible. This makes it possible not to miss important details at the decision-making stage and choose the option that will really help the patient with his medical issue.


Beauty by Experts Medical – wise medicine with love.

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