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Different types of breast implants: how not to make a mistake in choosing?

Different types of breast implants: how not to make a mistake in choosing?

Augmentation or breast enlargement is the most popular procedure in the field of plastic surgery. Most often it is chosen by women from 20 to 40 years old, mainly for aesthetic reasons. More than 300,000 breast reconstruction surgeries are performed annually in the United States alone. It is therefore not surprising that the medical aesthetics market today offers a wide range of different types of breast implants. They differ in shape, size, texture, and filling. It is worth noting that choosing the right breast implant is a key decision on the path to getting the breast of your dreams. The Beauty by Experts Medical team will help you understand this issue.



Types of breast implants by filler type

Not long ago, there were two main types of breast implants – silicone and saline (filled with a sterile saline solution). The latter are used much less frequently in modern implant surgery due to their relatively low resistance to deformation. The following types of breast implants are currently relevant:

  • Silicone implants. They are filled with silicone gel. They have a smooth or textured surface. One of the varieties of this type of silicone implants is form-stable mammary prostheses. They contain denser (highly cohesive) silicone and hold their shape well. Because of their distinctive texture, they are informally called “gummy bears.”
  • B-Lite implants. This innovative type of breast implant has revolutionized the field of cosmetic surgery. The patented technology has made it possible to make endoprostheses lighter without reducing their volume and size. They are filled with microspheres seamlessly combined with a highly cohesive gel of the latest generation. Less weight means less skin stretching and breast sagging over time.

Choosing the type of silicone breast implant depends on some factors. To decide, it is worth discussing this issue with your doctor. You can make an appointment with leading Turkish plastic surgeons – Ergin Er, Gurhan Ozcan, and Ercan Karacaoglu.


What is a breast implant profile?

types of breast implants

Material and texture are not the only characteristics that should be taken into account. There are also different types of breast implants according to profile or projection. The profile of the implant refers to how far it will protrude from the chest wall. This is an important variable that determines the overall result of mammoplasty and how natural the new breasts will look like.

There are the following types of breast implants by profile:

  • low;
  • moderate;
  • moderate plus;
  • high;
  • ultra-high.

The higher the profile you choose, the larger the projection will be. That is, the more magnificent the bust will be.

Which type of breast implant according to profile should be chosen?

Low-projection implants are chosen by women who want their breasts to look as natural as possible. The moderate and plus-moderate profiles are the most popular among patients. This is because these types of breast implants look natural and allow to get a beautiful breast shape. They are preferred by women who:

  • want to add volume to the upper part of the bust;
  • prefer “collected” breasts (when the mammary glands are located close to each other);
  • want to get a more athletic figure silhouette.

High and extra high profile are the types of breast implants for those looking for a more dramatic change. They are often chosen by patients who want to enlarge breasts that have lost their shape as a result of age-related changes, sudden weight loss, or lactation. These types of breast implants are also suitable for breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

тип грудного имплантата

According to plastic surgeons, the low-profile type of breast implant is suitable for women with a wide chest. If you have a narrow body type, implants with a medium or high projection will look better. Therefore, at the preliminary consultation, the doctor takes the necessary body measurements to select an implant that can harmoniously match the patient’s figure.

Which type of breast augmentation implant is better: teardrop-shaped or round?

types of breast implantsThis is a question for which there is no universal answer. The choice between different types of breast implants depends on the patient’s individual preferences, lifestyle, body type, and chest structure. Anatomical implants, also called teardrop-shaped, look more natural. They suit petite women with small busts well.

The second type of breast implants – round ones – are better suited for a dramatic transformation. They allow to get symmetrical, full breasts and a push-up effect without the need to wear special bras. This type of breast implant also has a practical advantage. The round shape reduces the risk of unnatural-looking breast edges.

No one type of breast implant is better than another. The choice will be based on factors such as:

  • structure and size of the chest;
  • your aesthetic preferences;
  • amount of breast tissue available;
  • nipple position;
  • degree of bust sagging;
  • distance between mammary glands;
  • type of breast augmentation.

What types of breast implants last the longest?

types of implants for breast enlargement The lifespan of different types of breast implants may vary. Previously actively used saline implants lasted 8-10 years. In recent years, there have been many improvements in the design and performance of breast prostheses. Current types of breast implants based on highly cohesive silicone gel are not expected to require replacement.

However, there is a small chance that something will happen to the implants. This probability is estimated at approximately + 1% per year. This means that after 10 years of use, there is still a 10% chance that breast implants will need to be removed, replaced, or adjusted.

What could go wrong? Thanks to the latest developments and implant manufacturing technology, we will reduce the risk of rupture or leakage of the implant to a very minimum. However, it is important to conduct regular breast implant monitoring by your doctor to ensure all is okay.

What types of breast implants look most natural?

How the bust will look after mammoplasty largely depends on your body type, the shape of the mammary glands, and the size of the implants. However, there are general indicators that will help you achieve a more natural appearance of your breasts:

  • Silicone breast implants. A cohesive gel better mimics the consistency of natural breast tissue. Therefore, these endoprostheses look more natural.
  • Anatomically shaped implants (drop-shaped). They allows to achieve a natural contour of the mammary glands. They are particularly suitable for petite women with little breast tissue of their own.
  • Medium or medium-plus profile implants. These endoprostheses look more natural because they provide a balance between the projection and the width of the base of the mammary glands.
  • Correct size and placement. The size of the implant must correspond to the proportions of the woman’s body. There are also different types of breast augmentation depending on how the implants are placed. Some women prefer the sub-glandular technique (placed above the chest muscle) while others prefer the submuscular (under the muscle).

Before breast surgery, it is important to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and preferences. He will help you choose the most appropriate type, size, and placement of the implant to achieve the most natural appearance. Beauty by Experts Medical collaborates with the best doctors in the field of aesthetic surgery. Leave a request on this page and we will help you find a good specialist.

How is the surgical procedure for breast implants performed?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure like any other. Therefore, preparation for surgery to install breast implants involves assessing the patient’s health status. The list of necessary studies is provided by the doctor. Most often, you need to do:

  • mammography;
  • ECG (for women over 40 years old);
  • basic blood tests;
  • blood clotting test.

For an experienced plastic surgeon, such an operation is not very difficult. Depending on the type of breast augmentation chosen, the surgeon places the implant in a tissue pocket formed above or below the pectoralis major muscle.


Risks of breast implant surgery include:

  • infection;
  • allergic reaction to the implant;
  • bleeding and hematoma (a rather dangerous complication with breast implants that may require revision);
  • implant displacement.

Long-term risks with breast implants include the development of capsular contracture. How successful the operation will be largely depends on the professionalism of the doctor. This is why the qualifications of a breast implant surgeon are so important. Leave a request on this page and the coordinator of Beauty by Experts Medical will help you choose an experienced specialist.

How is recovery passed after breast implant surgery?

 recovery after breast augmentation

Previously, it was believed that when installing different types of breast implants, the rehabilitation period was the same. Today, manufacturers of B-Lite endoprostheses claim that due to the lighter weight of their implants, patients recover faster. Patients also report decreased postoperative pain.

The doctor will provide detailed recommendations for caring for breast implants after mammoplasty. In most cases, patients are advised to wear a sports bra after the bandage is removed, which will provide support and prevent the implants from moving. The surgeon will also tell you how to care for the post-operative area so that there are no noticeable scars.

If you experience health problems such as fever, chills, redness, or severe swelling, you should immediately go to the hospital. After the operation, the doctor will issue a passport for the implant. You will need it when undergoing cancer screening, which includes mammography, or other imaging studies such as CT and MRI.

The best Turkish clinics where you can install different types of breast implants

  • Turkeyana is a modern plastic surgery clinic located in a prestigious area of Istanbul. The center’s medical team places great emphasis on patient satisfaction with its new look. Therefore, surgeons offer women different types of breast augmentation and different types of breast implants from the best medical brands. The clinic provides warranty certificates for 3-6 months, which allow patients to solve the problem free of charge if it was caused by surgery.
  • Istanbul Aesthetic Center is a leading plastic surgery center that is chosen by many foreign patients. When performing mammoplasty, the clinic’s surgeons try to achieve maximum harmony and naturalness. Therefore, when choosing from different types of breast implants, they take into account the structural features of the figure, the thickness of the breast tissue, the amount of subcutaneous fat and the desired size.
  • Esteworld is one of the best clinics specializing in plastic surgery in Turkey. Here, patients are offered different types of breast augmentation depending on the result they want to achieve. Doctors at the medical center care about the safety of breast implants. Therefore, they work only with trusted global companies that manufacture endoprostheses for mammoplasty.


What types of breast implants can cause health problems?

type of breast augmentation

More recently, information has emerged that certain types of breast implants may increase the risk of developing several diseases. Illnesses associated with silicone breast implants include:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • scleroderma;
  • Sjorgen’s syndrome;
  • sarcoidosis.

At the same time, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) believes that there is insufficient scientific evidence regarding the connection between breast implants and the above diseases.

However, the FDA has identified a possible link between textured breast implants (a type of breast implant with a rough surface) and the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). This is a rare type of cancer of the immune system. Research has shown that the risk is very small, but still exists.


How to choose the best breast implant?

First of all, we should abandon the approach: “My friend had her breasts enlarged and a teardrop-shaped prosthesis with a volume of 300 ml was installed. I really liked her look. Do the same for me.” According to plastic surgeons, this is the biggest mistake made by patients who decide to undergo mammoplasty. When choosing a breast implant, you need to consider a number of parameters:

  • height and weight;
  • chest size;
  • distance between nipple and collarbone;
  • volume under the bust;
  • degree of breast sagging;
  • quality of leather (thick, thin, aged).

The best Turkish plastic surgery clinics use modern technology for this purpose such as the Vectra XT system. It allows to create a 3D model of your future breast. This approach helps the patient better understand the solutions offered by the surgeon and make the best choice.

 Types of Breast Augmentation

Leave a message on this page and the coordinator of Beauty by Experts Medical will help you find a good clinic and a qualified plastic surgeon. We will clarify the cost of breast implants, answer all your questions, and help organize your operation and stay in Turkey down to the smallest detail. As well, a certified medical coordinator will be in touch with you on all issues that arise at every stage of the path to your transformation.



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