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Breast Implants: Best Options in 2024 for Breast Enlargement  

Breast Implants: Best Options in 2024 for Breast Enlargement      

Are you planning mammoplasty and don’t know how to choose breast implants?

You have been deciding on surgery for a long time, evaluating the pros and cons of using breast implants. And at the moment when you decided that this is exactly what you want, numerous questions arose. Which breast implants are good? Which shape should I choose? What are the differences between fillers and which ones won’t cause problems?

If this situation is familiar to you, let’s figure out together what is better to choose in 2024, so that high-quality materials will serve you for many years, and the result will bring a smile in the mirror. Our team will provide you with up-to-date information to help you understand which breast implants are best for you.

What types of breast implants are there?

breast implantsFor more than 8 years, the team of Beauty by Experts Medical has been consulting and organizing breast surgery for patients in Turkey. The first thing women are interested in is the types of breast implants. What does this concept include – material, size, or shape? Each patient puts her meaning into this issue, and we will examine in detail, from a professional point of view, everything related to breast implants.

In the world of plastic surgery, there are several types of breast implants, which differ in shape, size, and materials. Among the implants that remain relevant in 2024, it is worth considering the following ones:

  • Silicone. The so-called “silicone breasts” are divided into gel and cognitive implants by type. Classic gel implants are made of silicone gel, which gives them a soft and natural appearance. They may have a textured shell to help prevent movement and provide stability.
  • Liquid (B-Lite). These are lightweight and comfortable implants made under a unique technology using the latest generation cohesive silicone gel. They are 30% lighter compared to traditional silicone ones. This is especially true for placing implants with a volume of over 450 ml.

Which breast implants are the best for your case will depend on some individual factors. The choice of a specific type of implant for breast augmentation should be discussed with a plastic surgeon. For consultation, you can contact one of the leading specialists in mammoplasty – Ilker Manavbashi, Ergin Er, Selcuk Aytaç.

What are the sizes of breast implants?

Choosing the size of breast implants is one of the important points for those preparing for mammoplasty. As a rule, plastic surgeons take into account the individual preferences of a woman and her figure parameters. To have a productive discussion with your doctor about this step, patients may benefit from some guidelines for choosing breast implants. This simple calculation can help you with this. To increase your bra cup size by 1, you need a breast implant with a volume of at least 200 ml. That is, you can start from the original size of your underwear.

types of breast implants

By volume, implants are divided into:

  • Small size (up to 200 ml). They are chosen by women who want to achieve a slight increase in mammary glands (by 1 size), while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • Medium size (200-400 ml). This type provides moderate breast enlargement in 1.5-2 sizes. It is suitable for those who seek a noticeable bust change.
  • Large size (400-600 ml). It provides the opportunity to enlarge the mammary glands by 3 sizes. These implants are chosen by girls who need to achieve a significant change in the shape and volume of their breasts.
  • Extra-large size (600 ml or more). Large implants allow to increase your bust size by 4 or more sizes, so their choice is approached with caution. Silicone breasts will look very different from natural ones. But at the same time, it will be spectacular and not saggy (as is usually the case with 4-6 native sizes).

Read more about which breast implants are best to install to get the desired size.


Key points to consider when choosing breast implants:

  • physical characteristics are body parameters, chest structure, presence of breast asymmetry, and other features;
  • the final goal is how you want to look after mammoplasty;
  • recommendations of a plastic surgeon who takes a comprehensive approach to assessing the patient’s health status.

Every woman wants to remain attractive. Therefore, we will dwell in more detail on the aspect of what types of breast implants in size can be used. The diagram presented below will help figure out which size breast implants are suitable for certain situations. To move from one (initial) size to the desired one (after mammoplasty), pay attention to the bra cup size:

  • breast implant shapefrom A to B, it is necessary to install implants of about 250 ml;
  • from A to C, you need approximately 350 ml;
  • from A to D you need at least 400 ml;
  • from B to C, up to 300 ml will be enough;
  • from B to D, you need 350-400 ml;
  • from C to D, up to 350 ml are used;
  • from C to E, up to 55- is usually sufficient.

In this diagram, A, B, C, D, E are standard European bra cup sizes. Calculations of implant volume are based on data presented in publications of the Academic University of Oxford.


What are the shapes of breast implants?

what do kinds of breast implants exist?In addition to breast size, the shape of the implants plays an important role in the results of mammoplasty. Their range makes it possible to create the perfect neckline for every woman.

In plastic surgery, the following basic shapes of implants are applied, which are selected individually for each patient:

  • Round: they have uniform volume throughout the entire diameter, which creates a round breast shape. Suitable for various body types and widely used to create a fuller bust.
  • Anatomical or Teardrop: they have more volume at the bottom, imitating a natural shape. Anatomical breast implants are recommended for those who want to get a more natural look to their cleavage.

These implants provide a unique solution for women who want to achieve a natural and harmonious bust appearance while maintaining the benefits of added volume.



Types of breast implants by profile

anatomical breast implants Breast implant profiles are classified as follows:

  • Low-profile implants have a relatively flat appearance and protrude minimally from the breast. This type of implant is ideal for women with a wide chest.
  • Medium-profile implants provide the most natural appearance. As the name suggests, they provide more projection than low-profile implants, but not as much as high-profile implants. They are ideal for women with a narrow chest.
  • High-profile implants have a narrow base to provide maximum projection. They produce the fullest, roundest results, which may look less natural on some patients. However, high-profile implants are often suitable for short women with narrow chests.

The choice of profile has a direct impact on the visual perception of breast size. Therefore, when making a decision, the peculiarities of the constitution of the implants should be taken into account.


Popular manufacturers of implants for breast enlargement

The world of plastic surgery offers a variety of breast implant brands that represent unique characteristics and innovations. Here are a few leading brands that are FDA-approved and in demand in mammoplasty:

before after breast augmentation

  • Mentor. A popular American brand that is part of the Johnson & Johnson holding. The latest developments are designed for the lifelong wearing of implants. One of Turkey’s highest experts in mammoplasty, Ercan Karacaoglu, prefers installing Mentor implants due to their proven safety and excellent workmanship. In addition, the Mentor breast prosthesis “remembers” the standard position and instantly restores its shape under any impact.
  • Polytech. These high-quality implants are produced in Germany. Among the 2000 models there are the popular anatomical breast implants Diagon/Gel 4Two. They provide an optimal fit in the chest area thanks to the combination of 2 types of gel. Even without wearing a bra, the implants retain a stable shape. The breasts look toned and full, like those of a young woman. The Polytech company also produces high-strength implants with a volume of 700 to 1200 ml for individual orders.
  • Motiva. It is known for its cutting-edge technology, incorporating advanced materials, and design for a natural and comfortable result. The implants are produced in Central America using their patented development, a durable outer layer that prevents silicone migration. The product line includes the largest implants with a volume of 900 ml.

Patients considering breast augmentation may want to talk to their doctor about the differences between brands and specifications of implants. You can get a preliminary consultation from the coordinator-doctor of Beauty by Experts Medical if you leave a request on this website.


Surgery options: how are breast implants inserted?

How do breast implants affect the body?Plastic surgeons install breast implants in various ways:

  • The implants are placed directly under the mammary gland and above the muscle. This method provides quick recovery and reduces pain after surgery.
  • The implants are placed under the chest muscle. This gives a more natural appearance and less risk of capsular contracture.
  • Mastopexy with implant installation. This combined surgery includes breast augmentation with lifting. It gives shape correction and volume increase at the same time.

Surgeons perform mammoplasty using 3 options for placing implants: under the breast, around the areola, or in the armpits. The choice of method depends on several factors. For example, whether the woman plans to breastfeed since an incision around the areola can damage the milk ducts.


The best Turkish clinics that perform breast augmentation operations using modern methods:

  • Istanbul Aesthetic Center. In the clinic, each plastic surgeon annually performs more than 300 mammoplasty operations using implants. This is one of the TOP clinics in Istanbul, which specializes in aesthetic surgeries.
  • Turkeyana. The clinic is distinguished by a high level of service for foreign patients. The medical center employs selected doctors who have more than 15 years of experience in aesthetic surgery.
  • Esteworld. Foreign patients are provided with VIP-class service at the clinic. After breast augmentation, patients can stay in a 5-star hotel near the medical center.


How do breast implants affect the body?

TOP 5 facts about the effect of breast implants on the human body:

  1. Biocompatibilty. This means that the implants are made of silicone, so they are compatible with the body and are not dangerous to health.
  2. If the implant is damaged and the gel filler comes out, medical studies confirm its safety. The gel does not migrate into the body and does not pose serious threats.
  3. Modern breast implants are resistant to mechanical stress. However, severe injuries may require further evaluation and possible implant replacement.
  4. As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of complications such as infection, bleeding, and capsular contracture (breast hardness and discomfort). However, these cases are rare, and the professionalism of the surgeon, together with high-quality implants, significantly reduces these risks.
  5. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, the vast majority of patients who receive FDA-approved breast implants experience no complications and are highly satisfied with the surgery.


Let’s summarize. How to enlarge breasts using good implants?

which breast implants are best to install?Breast augmentation is the result of an operation that involves a comprehensive approach. A few short tips for successful breast enlargement are:

  1. About 60% of the success of your mammoplasty will depend on the correctly selected implant. Therefore, please pay attention to which manufacturers the plastic surgery clinic you contact cooperates with.
  2. A good manufacturer of breast implants has quality certificates. For example, this could be FDA, CE, and ISO. It is better to use proven products and not experiment with your body.
  3. When choosing the volume and shape of implants, trust the recommendations and experience of the surgeon. The surgeon will evaluate all parameters of the chest structure, as well as other factors based on professional experience. This is a guarantee that your new breasts will look beautiful and harmonious.

To ensure you are confident in the outcome and safety of your surgery, allow an experienced plastic surgeon to work with you. The best specialists are presented on this site and they will be able to choose the most suitable implants for you.

If you still have questions about choosing implants for breast augmentation, please contact Beauty by Experts Medical. We will give you all the necessary information and completely organize your trip to the smallest detail with the best plastic surgeon.




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    Doctor-coordinator Storozhenko Natalya will select for you a plastic surgeon who will make your transformations irresistible.

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